Why Mosaic

Why We Do What We Do

The mosaic form of art is quite unique. An artist takes the broken pieces of an array of material, like glass and tile, and uses them to create a new and beautiful image.

God’s work is similar. For God, taking our brokenness, is making us whole through Jesus Christ.  Along the way, God is also piecing us together to form a community of people called the church, and an even greater community called the Kingdom of God.

God’s Kingdom is similar to a mosaic. For God includes in God’s kingdom an array of people from different walks of life, of different ethnicity and journeys. Piecing these individuals together to form a beautiful image called the Kingdom of God.

Mosaic is a church community of Jesus’ followers who desires to live out God’s kingdom vision. Our community of believers is composed of a vast array of persons: children, students, single adults, couples & single parents.

Mosaic is a profound connection of individuals forming a community. We desire to connect deeply with each other, others, and to God who strengthens all connections.

We are a church community seeing brokenness made whole by the love of Jesus.

Connecting Deeper

To God and Ourselves: 

  • Growth does not take place when we are spoon-fed theological conclusions, but rather when we think deeply and wrestle with the Spirit of God to come away with a more formed faith. This is discipleship, which takes place in worship, community, conversations, study, and everyday living.
  • These days, worship looks, sounds and feels different from church to church. Mosaic offers a relaxed atmosphere to worship God through music, prayer, reflection and community interaction. Yet we believe the real worship that God desires is the way we live out the Kingdom of God each day of our lives.

To Others:

  • The purpose of the community is to find a sense of belonging and foster a sense of ownership. Belonging is discovered when we can be who we are at this place in life’s journey. Fostering ownership takes place when we can use our strengths and resources to make the vision of the community a reality.
  • The purpose of ministry is to meet the needs around us with the love of God. In serving the relational, physical, and social needs around us, God begins to nurture the spiritual needs of others.