Transitions Plans

Family Meeting on May 6

With a staffing transition on the way, we will hold a family meeting after worship on Sunday, May 6 to discuss the strategic plans for the next few months. This will include the introduction of an interim pastor, pulpit supply, and summer plans for Mosaic. Additional updates will take place on Sunday mornings throughout May.

Pulpit Supply and Interim Pastor

Pulpit supply has been organized for the foreseeable months. This will take the form of guest preachers and an interim minister. Here is the current schedule of guests:

June 24            Dr. English
July 1                Dr. English
July 8               Dr. Larry Hovis, CBFNC Executive Coordinator
July 15             Dr. Charity Roberson, BGAV Field Strategist & Ministry Placement Coach
July 22             Dr. English
July 29             Fifth Sunday Missional Project
August 5          Michael Sizemore, pastoral intern
August 12        Dr. Cameron Jorgenson, Associate Professor of Christian Theology and Ethics
August 19        Dr. English
August 26        Dr. English
Sept. 2             Theological Conversation
Sept. 9             Dr. English
Sept. 16           Dr. English
Sept. 23           Dr. English
Sept. 30           Fifth Sunday Missional Project

Adam English Bio

You should probably know up front that I’m a Texan. Born in Austin, I grew up in a Christian home with an older sister and younger brother and a big fluffy dog, Scuppers. I attended Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, where I studied Theology and served my first church as a youth and children’s minister. The church, Lake Fort Phantom Baptist, met in a tiny cinderblock building and paid me just enough to buy gas there and back.

As my faith and calling grew, I worked toward the teaching profession by earning the M.A. in Theology at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth and the Ph.D. from Baylor University in Waco.

I began to teach Theology and Philosophy at Campbell University in the fall of 2003. Currently I serve as the Chair of the Department – which was called “Religion and Philosophy” back in the day when Andy attended but has since been renamed “Christian Studies.”

I have served as interim pastor in three different churches: Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, Willow Springs, North Carolina, Westfield Baptist Church, Dunn, and Rowan Baptist Church, Clinton. When I’m not otherwise occupied, I stay active at Memorial Baptist Church, Buies Creek, as a deacon, children’s Sunday School teacher, landscaper, kitchen worker, etc.

My lovely wife of over twenty years, Charissa, works at Harnett Central Middle School. Our teenage daughter, Cassidy, is recognizable by her blue hair and fantastic artwork. Our dog, Jack the Australian terrier, is recognizable by his wagging tail.

Interim Pastor Logistics

Adam will make an extraordinary interim pastor for several reasons. First, he has a history with Caitlyn Rogers, serving as one of her professors for four years. Second, he has rich experience providing interim pastoral leadership with churches. Third, he is an expert in the trends of culture and the church. He will be able to provide theological depth, compassionate guidance, and leadership to Mosaic’s discernment process.

The interim role will encompass worship leadership and preaching, as well as some guidance to Mosaic’s vision and transition teams.

Please note Adam will be on board with Mosaic until a new pastor is found. Dr. Adam English can be reached with the following contact information:, 910-890-0857

Adam will join Mosaic for worship on May 6.

CBF & Pastor Search Process

CBF adores Mosaic. The organization has indicated a strong desire to help Mosaic journey through what is next.

This will come primarily through a relationship with CBF’s church reference and referral manager, Craig Janney. Craig is very familiar with Mosaic’s story and what makes Mosaic unique.

He will begin to work with Mosaic’s transition team to begin the process of developing a pastor search process. This is a tremendous asset CBF offers its churches by helping sift through qualified candidates for their churches. Craig Janney can be reached at

Sunday Morning Stories

What makes Mosaic unique is the individual stories that compose this beautiful community. To focus this transition on the central of Jesus and the continued vision of Mosaic, we will feature various individuals and families to share their story on Sunday morning. This is an opportunity for people to hear Mosaic’s story and remind us of why we do what we do.

Vision Team Leadership

This can feel overwhelming. Change brings anxiety and uncertainty. However, Mosaic is going to be fine. Mosaic is made up of unique individuals that bring their giftedness and resources as an offering to God’s community.

God is present. God will continue to be present. God has many chapters in store for Mosaic.

The Vision Team will play a key role in this transition. The team represents the church community and was selected by them.

The Vision Team will play a key role in bringing consistency to Mosaic. Their goal will be to cultivate community, inspire new opportunities, following the way of Jesus, and mentoring members of Mosaic.

Please reach out to Vision Team Members: Daniel Smith, Dawn Simpson, Heather Powers, Jenna Parker, Kristen Colfer, Matt Shaffer, and Paul Calton.

Summer Internship

Mosaic will host a summer intern. Michael Sizemore is a third year Divinity School student. He will an asset to the pastor staff and summer activities, bringing assistance to Caitlyn, the mission immersion, summer ministry projects, kids projects, and more.

If CBF approves a grant proposal, Michael can continue the internship into the academic year.

Staffing Boundaries

With Caitlyn’s new role beginning May 15 and this transition occurring around the same time, there are a few things we need to discuss around boundaries and expectations.

It happens naturally in a staffing transition. Churches don’t realize it. However, the church can often look to the remaining staff to carry more of a load than they should be expected to. It will be absolutely essential for Mosaic to not lean to heavily on Caitlyn.

Caitlyn’s role will be that of Spiritual Formation Pastor. She will continue to focus on students and children, adding the role of communication coordination and worship leadership. This is a 25 hour per week position.

Caitlyn has not been called by Mosaic to be the Lead Pastor. With the help of the Vision Team, the communication of and implementations of boundaries can prevent any extra pressure on Caitlyn.

The Vision Team will begin to put key boundaries in place to ensure no additional pressure is put on Caitlyn:

  • Communication of point of contact for key initiatives and questions (please see below for more details)
  • Communication of office hours
  • Development of a new Kingdom Kids rotation

Transition Team

One healthy way to approach what is next will be to develop a transition team. This team will focus on communication with the pulpit supply and interim pastor, work alongside CBF in developing a pastor search process, and keep the vision of Mosaic at the forefront of the church community.

The deep connectedness of Mosaic is absolutely essential in this period. This team will be a catalyst of building connections within Mosaic through the Sunday morning experience (intentional hospitality and leadership) and promoting like-interest connections throughout the summer (tubing day at the river, poker night, ladies gatherings, etc.).

This team will consist of a few members from the Vision Team, as well as some key leaders within Mosaic.

Alongside the Vision Team, the group will meet once a month on Sunday mornings to coordinate the transition efforts.

In effort to coordinate these meetings with the existing Vision Team Meetings, the following dates have been set up:

May 20             June 10           July 22             August 19        September 16              October 14

Adam English will meet with the team on June 10 and until the team has identified a new pastor.

As the team gathers for the first few meetings, it could be determined that there may be another method or consistency of gathering that works better for the team and the process. The team can determine this by the June 10 meeting.

Points of Contact

We are in a transition. This can often be a time of anxiety. At the same time, transitions are healthy opportunities for the church community to strengthen and embolden its calling, relationships, worship, and work.

It happens naturally in a staffing transition. Churches don’t realize it. However, the church can often look to the remaining staff and leadership to carry more of a load than they should be expected to. It will be absolutely essential for Mosaic to not lean to heavily on a staff person or set of leaders. For the transition to happen more fluidly, the responsibility must rest on the proper person for each area of leadership.

For the key points of contact, please Click Here: Pastoral Transition Points of Contact