Since community is central to our belief about God, our words about God—our theology—exists and forms us together. There are key theological points that unite us, such as…

  • We ascribe to the essential theology found in the Apostle and Nicene Creed.
  • Lordship of Christ
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Centrality and Authority of Scripture
  • Priesthood of All Believers
  • Autonomy of the Local Church
  • Freedom of Religion for All People & Faith Groups

Celebrating the Non-Essentials Together

The church community should be a safe space to ask hard questions and wrestle with the answers, even if the answers lead to more questions. Within Mosaic are a plethora of traditions, including Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Catholic, Anglican, non-denominational, and more. This diversity has created a unique approach to the theological conversation. Not everyone sees eye to eye on the non-essentials of the faith and that’s okay. This is a climate where we can see and hear things from different perspectives, creating an opportunity for a more formed faith.

The Essential Theology of Loving Our Neighbor

Since we are a community that celebrates our diverse non-essential opinions, Mosaic does not develop stances on the non-essentials. What we mean by “stance” is that we do not develop a church-wide creedal statement that’s nature is to demand for people to exist or depart the church community. We have not developed a stance on political/national idolatry, materialism, how much is too much wealth, piercings/tattoos, what is appropriate to do on the Sabbath, that nasty thing called gossip that people “innocently” do each day, what kinds of plants are planted within your garden, and so on. In reality, we hope that Mosaic has a variety and deeply prayed over opinions on various matters.

Our stance is to love our neighbor as ourselves, the command that Jesus gave as the most important alongside loving God. Our stance is to be a community of radical hospitality for all of God’s children no matter where they are on life’s journey. Our stance is to wrestle through these issues in community together, not make blanket statements that include some and exclude others.