Summer Preview

Since summer is a few weeks away, we want to give you a glimpse into what to expect this summer with the Mosaic community.

Summer Conversations

In May, Community Groups will take a break until September. On a few Sunday evenings in June, July, and August, we will gather in various homes for Summer Conversations. These three gatherings are intended to be a sacred space of community, spiritual conversations, and good food. Free onsite childcare is provided for ages 8 and younger, while 9-year olds and older will participate with the large group.

Mark your calendar for 5-7pm on June 10, July 15, and August 5. Start signing up for June’s Summer Conversation here:

Kids and Students

The kids and students will have three intentional summer gatherings. These initiatives will center on a meal and fun activities, such as water game day or creative art night. We want to provide space for children to grow together and learn more about God’s love through shared experiences. Some of the dates for these activities are still being finalized. However, go ahead and mark July 22 and August 12 in your calendars.

Missional Community

We want this summer to be about thriving relationships and incarnational experiences. The summer is a wonderful time to find like-interest, sharing in those experiencing together, inviting new faces alongside us, and being the presence of Jesus to all. We hope you will consider the summer activities you enjoy the most—swimming, hiking, tubing, cookouts, reading, beach trips, etc.—and invite others into the process of the fun.

Our next Fifth Sunday Missional Project will be July 29. This project will include work with raised garden beds, visiting residents at the Gabriel Manor senior home, repair work, and much more.

End of Summer Cookout

The summer wraps up with our annual Summer Cookout. With plenty of food, swimming, and a 25-foot slip-n-slide, what could go wrong? Mark your calendar for Sunday, August 19.