Summer Preview

Doesn’t the thought of summer sound so much better than the pollen covering everything in a yellow blanket of coughs and sneezes? Since summer is a few months away, we want to give you a glimpse into what to expect this summer with the Mosaic community.

In May, Community Groups will take a break until September. On a Sunday evening in June, July, and August, we will gather in various homes for Summer Conversations. These three gatherings around intended to be a sacred space of community, spiritual conversations, and good food.

We are looking for three host homes to open their doors for one of the Summer Conversations. Host families will not need to provide anything for the group since these gatherings are designed around pot-luck style meals. If you are interested in hosting one Summer Conversation, please contact Andy.

The kids and students will have three intentional summer gatherings. These initiatives will be centered on a meal and fun activity, such as water game day or creative art night. We want to provide space for children to grow together and learn more about God’s love through shared experiences.

The mission immersion will be a centerpiece of our summer activities together. Venturing away, serving alongside, and learning more about each other is a vital part of the continued work of being a missional community. If you are unable to join the Philadelphia trip, we hope that you will consider supporting the trip through prayers, care packages, resources, and more.

Finally, we want this summer to be about thriving relationships and incarnational experiences. The summer is a wonderful time to find like-interest, sharing in those experiencing together, inviting new faces alongside us, and being the presence of Jesus to all. We hope you will consider the summer activities you enjoy the most—swimming, hiking, tubing, cookouts, reading, beach trips, etc.—and invite others into the process of the fun.