September 20: Outdoor Worship & Baptism

September 20: Outdoor Worship & Baptism Mosaic has a strong tradition of holding Easter Sunday worship outside. We’d like to create a new tradition of holding a fall outdoor worship gathering as well. On September 20, weather permitting, we will gather for a worship experience in nature.

The gathering will take place near the front entrance of Clayton Fitness. Please park on the road or far-side parking lot.

In addition, we will also hold baptisms on this day. Baptism holds various traditions across denominations. For Mosaic, baptism is an act done by those who have made a decision to follow Jesus. It is an act of worship and obedience, showing that you have been brought from death to life through the love of God in Jesus. We have also shared a re-baptism with those who have made a personal decision to do so.

The baptism will take place at Clayton Fitness, so participants are free to use the locker rooms to dry off and get ready following the baptism. If you are interested in baptism, please contact Andy.