We’re pleased to announce that we launched our new website today! The most obvious change is the new look and feel. It’s important that our visual online presence reflects who we really are: approachable, fun, accepting, and modern. In addition to a makeover, we want this site to act as […]

Mosaic Got A Brand New Website!

In a world where faith is often construed as a way of thinking, bodily practices remind the willing that faith is a way of life. – Barbara Brown Taylor Just the other day, I was listening to my iPod in the car and had a cynical thought: Why is so […]

Faith in Rhythm

We all like to know where we are going, don’t we? Sure, some would consider themselves “adventuresome” by leaving some portion of the future up to chance. However, many of us like to have whatever lies ahead as planned out as possible. For us, directions are not a luxury; they […]

Finding Our Way