Heretic: Rethinking Our Theological Assumptions Theology is a Greek word: theos meaning God, and logos meaning word or reason. It literally means: a reasoned discourse about God. Theology is a human effort to bring rational understanding into who God is and how God functions in the world.   The way […]

New Conversation Series Starting April 23

For the nearly two decades serving in ministry, I have been told countless times that engaging in ministry is difficult. In many regards, taking time off a demanding job or encountering difficult ministry settings can be very challenging. But what if I told you that engaging in ministry is more […]

Engaging In Ministry Is More Natural Than You Think

Mosaic’s annual yard sale is right around the corner. This is an opportunity to raise significant funds for our local ministry endeavors.   What makes the yard sale so lucrative is that it costs us nothing to put it on. This is the result of donated items for the sale. […]

Yard Sale, May 6

On Fifth Sundays, we gather to worship through serving our community. Serving is a vital part of Mosaic’s identity. This month’s Fifth Sunday will focus on the House of Hope. Sign up to help with landscaping, encouragement crafts, and other projects open for all ages. We will gather at Clayton […]

5th Sunday Missional Project: April 30

To say that Easter is a big deal, well, that’s a bit of understatement. Easter is the most important day of the year as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Life, redemption, and transformation all come out of Easter Sunday. Redemption, transformation, and life come out of Easter Sunday.   […]

Easter Gathering, April 9 (Palm Sunday)