Mosaic Got A Brand New Website!

We’re pleased to announce that we launched our new website today! The most obvious change is the new look and feel. It’s important that our visual online presence reflects who we really are: approachable, fun, accepting, and modern. In addition to a makeover, we want this site to act as an extension of our ministries.

This website will enhance communication, promote and update events, and provide resources that keep you connected beyond Sunday gatherings. We’ve created “Mosiac’s Top Six″ (because five wasn’t enough) to guide your through the new site. As you click the links below, just remember to use your “back” button to return to this article.

Let the tour begin:

1. Home Page. The home page is designed with the first time visitor in mind. Who are we? What time is worship? How is our community different? We added “I’m New” into the navigation at the top, so all this information can be found in one place. Additionally, all the navigation tools and links are there to make searching the site more simple

2. Latest News. We’ve added a blog! It’s a simple way for Andy or Taylor to pass interesting or important information to the community. We’d love to hear your thoughts too. So, don’t forget to leave your comments or ask questions on our blog.

3. Upcoming Events. The home page features 3 upcoming events on the right side. We already utilize Google calendar to schedule our events, so this module is an addition to our full calendar. You can also navigate to the calendar under the “Get Connected” tab.

4. Get Connected. This section makes it easier to get connected at Mosaic (go figure!) Here you’ll find all our ministries, gatherings, community groups, and many other ways to get involved. Each page also includes who to contact to learn more.

5. Resources. We want to expand the available resources for the mosaic community. Not only will we include the worship podcasts and Pieces of Mosaic. We now have room for videos, books, PowerPoint, or anything else Andy and Taylor find helpful. Look to the blog to find our when new resources are available!

6. Contact us. We want visitors to find us easily. So, we added a cool drop down feature on the home page. We’ve also included a full contact listing on the “Contact Us page.

Go ahead, take some time to familiarize yourself with our new website. We want you to feel comfortable in your new web-home. We’d like to send our sincere thanks to our web team: Keith Burgie (developer extraordinaire), and Christine Cashwell (designer). These two worked long hours to make this site happen…and for that we are grateful.

That’s about it for the basics! We’ll continue to refine and improve the site as we go along. We’d love to hear what you think of the site; leave your comments below.