Mosaic 101 Cookout: November 2

Mosaic 101 CookoutEver wonder why Mosaic does the things that it does, or why we place such an emphasis on community together, or why our name is Mosaic? Do you have questions like these and maybe more?

Then join us for a Mosaic 101 Cookout on Sunday, November 2 at 5:00pm. This will be an informal and relational driven gathering intended to acclimate new comers to the community and help our leadership better know you, your story and giftedness.

If you have joined Mosaic (a relative term, meaning you have been plugging into Mosaic on Sunday mornings or in community groups, etc.) over the last few months, or if you would just like to know more about our community, then you are invited to the cookout.

As we do with all things in Mosaic, we want to approach the cookout with a community mentality. If you are able to bring one of the following items to help make the meal happen, please contact Andy: salad, side item, fruit, or dessert.

The gathering will take place at the Hale’s home: 91 Knights Bridge Drive. Plug 2010 Twin Acres Road, Clayton into your gps, but turn left after this address and then arrive at the first house on the left.