March Ministry Update

Ministry Needs Outlets

The Ministry Team has created an outlet for Mosaic members and people in our community to share needs. Whether the need involves raking leaves or financial crisis, we want to be known as a church community that listens to the needs around us.

Contributors can visit Mosaic’s website, click the “Get Connected” tab, and select the “Ministry” page. The form is designed for contributors to give context to the need, how he/she is connected to Mosaic, and the need’s level of urgency.

Upon completion, this form will be sent to the Ministry Team. The information will be shared in a secret ministry group on Facebook. This group is designed for those interested in responding to ministry needs. The group is set to an unsearchable setting to protect the privacy of the needs shared through the form.

If you would like to join this secret Facebook group, please email or text Dawn Pope:, 919-244-9883.

Fifth Sunday Missional Project, April 29

Fifth Sunday Missional Projects are designed to change the way we worship. Instead of gathering at Clayton Fitness to worship through music, we will gather to worship through serving.

Projects are designed to meet real needs, along with tapping into the age and giftedness of all participants.

Our next Fifth Sunday will be April 29. If you know of an existing need, please contact Dawn Pope:, 919-244-9883.