Like-Interest Connections Matter

Finding like-interests within Mosaic have been the backbone of our community since its conception. Whether the connection takes place watching a favorite TV show, playing a pick-up basketball game, or taking a brewery tour, relationships spark and thrive in finding common activities together.

It is often assumed that this will spontaneously germinate. However, it takes intentionality and drive to find the common interests, bridge the connection, and cultivate relationships.

Therefore, we double-dog dare you to not sit back on your laurels. Utilize Sunday morning and this summer’s activities to create some new like-interest connections. Don’t just talk about getting together, actually get together with others and enjoy building community.

A new group is forming, called “Diva Dinners.” It’s ladies’ night! We are starting a monthly gathering for Mosaic ladies and their friends to gather over dinner.  This Dining Divas group will meet the fourth Thursday of every month (unless that day just doesn’t make sense such as a holiday, etc).  We will gather each month, whether we have 3 or 23 ladies!  If you’d like to know about future Diva dinners, please contact Christy Holland at or 501-251-7650.  She will maintain a private email group to share information before each dinner.  Your RSVP is needed to adjust reservation numbers.