Mosaic Kids

Mosaic Kids

We care deeply about kids learning what it means to journey with Jesus. Our goal is to teach them in a way they can understand, enjoy, and share with their family and friends. Equally important, is our goal to support parents as they raise their children in a loving environment. We offer different activities for children throughout the year.

Sunday Mornings

We believe that intergenerational worship is important, so we welcome all ages to worship with us on Sunday mornings! Children and teenagers play a vital role in the Mosaic community, and we love watching all ages come together to worship and learn.

During worship, we have an area for families with small children to play and participate together. We know some toys can be distracting during worship, so we offer a few toys for small children to interact with, but we also encourage you to bring a toy that your child enjoys.

We also encourage coloring pages and any other quiet activities they can work on throughout the service.

Email Michael for more information on these activities!