Sunday Flow

10:30am – Worship

We always have coffee and something baked, so join us a few minutes before 10:30am for conversations and breakfast.

What to Expect 

Mosaic believes that the church is designed to be a genuine community of people, creating a safe space of belonging for all, seeking to serve our neighbors with the compassion of God, providing opportunities to learn to be more like Jesus, and living life well together. This can’t happen in a one hour time slot on Sunday mornings. Yet we desire to be a worshipping community in Clayton, North Carolina.

Come as you are…no, really! Dress as comfortable or as formal as you like. It won’t offend us. Whether someone is wearing shorts and a tank top, a suit, or business casual – it really doesn’t matter to us, the focus of our worship is God.

The experience on Sunday morning has been described as an inclusive, genuine community, compassionate, hospitable, empowering, and an open family.

The style and formality of worship often changes as we seek to encounter the living God. If you visit Mosaic, you may sing a traditional hymn and more upbeat songs in the same service. You could hear the testimony of a member of the community, share communion, or engage in discussion on a particular passage of scripture. Often we will end our worship with a reflective time that we be introspective or active.

The sermons are a mixture of biblical exegesis, personal narrative, and references to the emerging culture. If you’re interested, check out a podcast to listen to a recent sermon.

Why Meet at a Fitness Club?

The foundation of our gathering at Clayton Fitness is our desire is to be a missional community. We want to be fully present in the greater community around us by breaking down any kind of proverbial or physical walls the church can often build up. It is not uncommon for a church to have its own space and easily find itself in a place of focusing on upkeep or itself. Our goal is to be the compassionate presence of Jesus in the neutral spaces of the greater Clayton area. What better place to do this than in a fitness center.

Map to Clatyon FitnessIn addition, sharing and renting space for only the time we need it allows us to use our resources to engage in more ministry, discipleship, and community development. Our church is not defined by our Sunday morning worship gatherings alone. Rather, we also want to best be defined by when we gather in each other’s homes for dialogue, work alongside each other in meeting the needs around us, and support each other in the day-in-day-out process of life.

While Clayton Fitness is a non-traditional space for worship, we make it our own on Sunday mornings. Our various children/teen groups have creative space for learning and fun. The space used for worship is unique in that it allows for an authentic worship experience in a comfortable, come-as-you-are environment.

When we leave on Sundays, Mosaic is on the move and present beyond 1370 Cameron Way.

Finding Clayton Fitness

Located at Clayton Fitness – 1370 Cameron Way, Clayton (Near Bojangles & Comfort Suites off Shotwell Road)