Financial Update: October 2017

Finances, the thing that no one wants to read about! But there are some exciting opportunities for and through the Mosaic community.

Kingdom Kids Offering, November 5

Participate in one Sunday morning at Mosaic and it is plain to see that we have a lot of kids. As we have strived since day one, we want to continually improve how we engage the children of Mosaic.

To help us take a big step in using the best curriculum, resources, initiatives and gatherings for our kids, we are collecting a special offering on November 5. Our goal is to collect $1,000 for Kingdom Kids.

The financial team challenges you to give above and beyond your normal offerings. To help separate weekly needs from the special offering, gifts should be submitted in a marked envelope or with a labeled memo in the online giving option.

Emerging Vision Endowment & Offering

Mosaic is prayerfully considering establishing an endowment for future ministry endeavors. An endowment is an advanced savings account, earning a minimum of 6% per year.

What this practically means…The church would take a portion of what is sitting in our current account, establish an endowment, contribute a small amount monthly, and begin to use the earnest money after a few years. The usage of the earnings will be determined by the church community, but can be used for ministry partnerships and projects, student and children work, and much more.

We will hold a family meeting after worship on October 8 for further discussion. Please contact a member of the financial team with any questions or concerns: Paul Calton, Derek Parker, Gina Raper, or Andy Hale.

If the church community choses to proceed, we will host a special offering to kick off the endowment.