Emerging Vision Day, June 4

If we are honest, we all believe that God has big dreams for our lives. We pray for healthier living, opportunities to grow, or to be able to thrive in our work.

If we dig down deeper, we all believe that God has big dreams for our church and the community we live in. We pray to seek justice, to meet the needs around us, to be the presence of Jesus to our neighbors, and to see lives transformed.

So, stop and consider a few questions…

What dream has God placed in your soul? Have you verbalized that dream?

Have you shared that dream with others? Have you considered that God has given that same dream to others?

What would if we discovered these dreams together?

We want to provide space to verbalize these dreams. Our hope is to compile all the dreams of the Mosaic community, and through a spirit of discernment, discover what God is doing among us. Over the next few weeks, we will have parchment for you to begin to put God’s dreams to pen and paper.

On June 4, we will be invited to bring our parchment of dreams as an offering and prayer. Then over the summer, we will hear these emerging dreams.

Join in this process by considering:

  • What dream has God given you for Mosaic?
  • How will this dream help Mosaic be more successful in connecting deeper to each other, others outside of Mosaic, and to God?
  • What will this dream require of Mosaic?
  • What role will you play in seeing this dream become a reality?
  • Who else can help make this dream become a reality?