Discovering God’s Dream Through Mosaic

Discovering God’s Dream Through Mosaic

In December of 2016, Mosaic’s Vision Team began a discernment process centered on discovering God’s dream through Mosaic. As the team began to discover these dreams, it became evident that this process needed to expand to the entire Mosaic community.

Over the last several weeks, we have invited you to discern the dream God has given you for Mosaic, as well as share these dreams through the Emerging Vision parchment.

We are continuing to collect these dreams. We want to hear from persons of all ages. Fill out the form here.

Over the next few months, we will begin to highlight these dreams on Sunday mornings. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to add to and enhance these dreams by providing feedback, new insights, and creative ideas around each dream. We will be collecting your input through a live texting service during the worship gathering.

Our hope is to refine, clarify, and begin to build tangible goals around the dreams God is giving our church community. Moreover, we hope to build support around the dreams by empowering new teams to provide leadership in these areas.