Discerning Your Calling in Mosaic

If you’ve spent one Sunday with the Mosaic community, then you know we are different. There is something about the relationships and the expressions of the church’s calling that seem unique.

As you look closer, you’ll discover that the church functions as the way that community should function; each person discovers and lives out their calling to make the community’s vision a reality. On a given week, 30-40 people are contributing their giftedness, strengths, and passions to make the mechanisms of this community happen (Kingdom Kids, students, worship, community groups, affinity groups, ministry, greeting, set-up, counting, and so much more).

Additionally, what makes Mosaic a unique church community is that we are not looking to plug people into open volunteer spots to appease a need. Instead, we want to journey alongside each person, from the youngest to the wisest among us, to discover one’s calling within Mosaic. This requires openness, patience, and creativity.

Sometimes, this is expressed through a leader in identifying a quality of an individual that would enhance that person’s journey and the Mosaic community. Other times, this is expressed through an individual with a dream and passion, looking for leadership to empower him/her.

Whatever the case may be, we want each person to discern their calling in Mosaic. If each story matters, then we must discover this together.

As we turn to the New Year, I wonder if you will prayerfully consider your niche within Mosaic. This begins with knowing what you enjoy doing, how you are skilled, and discovering where you are called. As you do this, know that the pastoral staff and leadership wants to journey with you. Let them be an advocate for you.