Connecting Deeper to Mosaic Through Serving

The purpose of our community is to find a place of belonging and find a sense of ownership.  We foster our ownership when we use our strengths and resources to make the vision of the Mosaic community a reality.

If you have chosen to be a part of Mosaic, then you belong here.  You are part of this beloved community.  And we encourage you to foster ownership in that community by finding a place to connect.  This can include a variety of things: Greeting folks on Sunday mornings; joining set-up and break-down teams; helping with children in Kingdom Kids and student ministry; sounds and media; worship team; mission and ministry; hosting or leading a community group; leading an affinity group; and planning for gatherings and events.  And if you want to get engaged in another way not listed here, let’s talk!

Your place in our community is important.  Let’s find a place where you can connect! Contact Stephanie Shaffer at 919.413.4614 or email