Community Groups

living-room-690174_1280The Vision

Community Groups connect participants deeper to God through dialogue and to the Mosaic community by sharing life together.

There are 3 options for Community Groups that will each engage you and your faith in a different way. Each group focus is a pillar of Christian faith. Each group has the same goal of hoping to cultivate transformational growth as a means to change the world.  Yes, that is a big goal, but we believe that in these intentional times together, God shows up.

Our hope is that you are able to join a group that your life and faith is leading you to explore more in this moment.

The Groups

The 3 options for Community Groups are as follows:

1) Intentional Bible Study (Wednesdays at 7pm- check link for more details about possible meals)
2) Spiritual Formation (Sunday at 6pm)
3) Service (Wednesdays at 6:45pm) note: this group does not actively serve each week. It is more about discussing why service matters as a person of faith, and how we can do it without hurting anyone in the process.

For more detailed information of these groups, please click here.  It will give you all the information you could want!

A Few Facts

Groups consist of 6-12 people, meeting for about an hour.

Free childcare is available on site at all groups (please contact Michael to set this up).

Group converse over a certain topic as a way to strengthen one’s spiritual journey.

We don’t have any resident “faith experts”, so whatever you do know is enough to join the discussion.

How To Connect

Get connected with a Community Group by emailing Michael or Caitlyn.