Community Groups- Fall 2018

Community Groups for this Fall are going to look a little different.  We will have 3 groups that are each going to have different focus.

The hope in this new structure is to allow you to choose a group not only based on time availability, but also based on your interest. We believe that if you are able to choose based on that, you will naturally feel more strongly about it, which will lead to more growth.  We brainstormed around what are some essential Christian values that would lend themselves well to a group-discussion setting.  We landed on 3 things: Scripture/Bible Study, Spiritual Formation, and Service.  All three are topics that have been essential parts of Christianity from its inception.  And all three are things that we should do in community.

Each group will meet consistently each week (except when holidays, etc conflict) and be led by someone who cares about the specific topic.  The goal of each group is the same though. For each person to grow as a Christ-follower, and doing so in the context of Community.  The sign-up link is at the bottom of this page.  There is childcare available for each group, contact Michael or Caitlyn for that info.

What are the details of each one?

  1. Intentional Bible Study
    • Led by Stephanie and Matt Shaffer (
    • Wednesday Evenings, 7pm (contact Stephanie for addresses)
      • 1st and 3rd Wednesday’s of the month at the Shaffers
        • Dinner will be provided starting at 6, so arrive early and eat good! (dinner is optional)
      • 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month at the Pecoras
        • Bring a snack to share starting at 6:45!
    • This group will have a focus on scripture. Each week we will be looking deep in to scripture, learning to understand it better; it will not simply be for personal knowledge, but also for seeing how scripture and our daily lives intersect in amazing ways.
    • Is scripture/the bible something that you want to focus on for the next 3 months? This is your group.
  2. Spiritual Formation
    • Led by Michael Sizemore (
    • Sunday Evenings, 6pm at Craig and Amy Lee’s (contact Michael for address)
    • This group will have a focus on individual spiritual transformation. We will be using the book, “The Good and Beautiful God”, as a guide for this transformation.  Full disclosure: this will involve reading a chapter of the book and doing the accompanying spiritual exercise each week before the meeting. It is not an overwhelming amount by any means, nor is it busy work.  It is designed to challenge us to encounter God in new and profound ways.  Each week when we meet, we will discuss our experiences of week, our reflections on the chapter, and how our understanding of God was changed, challenged, or strengthened.
    • Is your understanding of God, seeing how that matters, and your resulting spiritual growth feel important to you right now? This is your group.
  3. Service
    • Led by Alan and Dawn Pope (
    • Wednesday Evenings at 6:45pm at the Pope’s (119 Plaza De Luke Sq, Clayton)
    • This group will have a focus on service. It is important to say here that we will not be doing acts of service every single week. Instead, this group will be discussing the importance of service as a Christ-follower. Did you know some of the service we do (with good intentions and a desire to help) actually can hurt the very people we want to serve? Service is also not something to do simply to make ourselves feel good either. Service should be simple, but unfortunately it is not. BUT we are still called to it. Each week, we will discuss together how we can do it in a helpful, spirit-filled way. There will a couple weeks that we will be able to live this out as well.
    • Is serving something that you have always loved to do, want to do more of, or want to simply learn more about? This is your group.

We hope that there is a particular group you feel strongly about.  And we look forward to growing together.

Click here to sign-up for a group if you have not already done so!