Affinity Groups

Creating Community in Clayton Through Shared Interest Groups

Mosaic is always exploring new ways to connect deeper with each other and with those outside of our community.

What if you discerned that the best way to connect with people on a relational level was doing the very things that they loved to do, like having conversations while their children played, or watching television’s greatest show, or having a drink and discussing the complex questions of life?

Well that’s Mosaic’s Affinity Group. Get connected to one or two or maybe even five of our groups.

Seasonal Groups: 

We have a variety of season groups that rotate in and out during the year, such as the hiking/camping group, Sunday basketball group, and many more. Check out the latest Pieces of Mosaic for up to date groups. 

Basketball: Sundays at 6:30pm 

Join the group gathering on the first and third Sundays, 6:30pm, at Clayton Fitness for basketball. People of all ages are welcome…we are not taking it that serious. Since CF will be closed down, you will need to come to the backdoor of the court. Contact Adam with any questions.

Book Club

The Book Club is a monthly gathering of ladies who dig into a good read and discuss. For more information about the group, what book they are currently reading, and when they meet, contact Dawn Pope (919-244-9883 or You can also like the group on Facebook for more up-to-date information: Mosaic’s Book Club Affinity Group.

Brewery Tour

The Brewery Tour group visits local microbreweries for tours and tastings. For more details about the group, check them out on Facebook: Mosaic Brewery Tour Group.

PBR (Philosophical/Theological Conversation)

PBR (Philosophy Beverage Theology) is intended to be philosophical and theological based discussion for those who want to grow intellectually and communal through conversation over a pint of their favorite drink (whatever that might be). The meeting place will change each time. Like “PBR: Philosophy Beverage Religion” on Facebook to find out the specific details of the group meeting time & location. The group meets on the first, third and fifth Wednesdays at the Clayton Beverage Company (11679 US 70 Business Hwy W: Near the Dollar General), 7:00pm. You can also check us out on or join the group on Facebook for more up-to-date information: PBR-Philosophy Beverage and Religion.



The Photography Affinity Group gatherings for learning more about this art form and other activities. Contact Dawn Simpson to find out when the group is meeting. You can also join the group on Facebook for more up-to-date information: Photography Affinity Group.

Poker Night

The Poker Night is group centers of folks who enjoy a relaxed and money free game of poker, along with healthy community. The group gathers at various homes and locations around Clayton. Contact Alan Pope for more details ( or 919-810-3862).

Other groups are forming. For more information about formed groups, please contact the staff.