Affinity Groups

What are Affinity Groups?

Affinity Groups simply put are like-interest groups. They are things people gather together to do, whether it is one-off or whether they meet every other week.

Mosaic is always exploring new ways to connect deeper with each other and with those outside of our community.

What if you discerned that the best way to connect with people on a relational level was doing the very things that they loved to do, like having conversations while their children played, or watching television’s greatest show, or having a drink and discussing the complex questions of life?

Well that’s Mosaic’s Affinity Groups. Get connected to one or two or maybe even five of our groups.

Book Club

The Book Club is a monthly gathering of ladies who dig into a good read and discuss around good wine and appetizers. For more information about the group, what book they are currently reading, and when they meet, contact Dawn Pope (919-244-9883 or

Dining Divas

Dining Divas meet the fourth Thursday of every month for dinner. It’s a time for ladies to hang out, build community, encourage one another, and share lots of laughs.

Christ Roberson Holland coordinates this group. Contact her at: or 501-251-7650. She sends out text messages to keep everyone up to date.

Hiking Group

The group attempts to go hiking about once a month (when the weather is cooperative).  Hiking happens at different locations each time, so make sure you join the FB group to stay up to date! Or contact Michael. 

Movie of the Month

This is a group that goes out to see a movie each month that seems particularly interesting.  Often which movie to see is discussed on Sunday mornings, but is always confirmed on the FB page here. Join for one movie or every time people go!

PBR (Philosophical/Theological Conversation)

PBR (Philosophy Beverage Theology) is intended to be philosophical and theological based discussion for those who want to grow intellectually and communally through conversation over a pint of their favorite drink (whether that’s water or beer).

The group meets once a month, with the time and location varying depending people’s availability. Most often it is a Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday around 7pm at Clayton Beverage Company.  Like the FB page for the details of the meetings: PBR- Philosophy Beverage and Religion.


The Photography Affinity Group gatherings for learning more about this art form and other activities. Contact Dawn Simpson to find out when the group is meeting. You can also join the group on Facebook for more up-to-date information: Photography Affinity Group.


Have ideas for more Affinity/Like-Interest Groups? Contact Michael or Caitlyn to set these up!