5th Sunday Missional Project

5th Sunday Missional ProjectSince Mosaic’s conception, we have been a community centered on a vision of ministry. We believe that ministry is not just for some to engage in, but the call of each person who follows Jesus. Many of our most formation aspects were born out of this vision, such as the Community Garden, Affinity Groups, Mission Trips, Agape Kits, and on.

Beginning in August of 2014, we began participating in a different type of worship on fifth Sundays of the month. Instead of gathering at Clayton Fitness for music and a conversation, we will venture into our community to engage in missional projects.

From 9:45-10:00am we will have coffee and community time, then at 10:00am we will venture off to our project. Dress comfortable and with closed toed/heeled shoes.

Check out the monthly blog post, Facebook page, or weekly emails for information about the upcoming Fifth Sunday Missional Project.