2017 Conversation Series

We set out on 2016 to tackle the entire Bible in one year through the Paths Shaped by the Journey series. In February, we will wrap up this series and launch into five different series.

From March to April, we will enter into a conversation around Edible: What Kind of Spirituality Are We Consuming? We live in a world that desires knowledge and growth in short sound bites and easy to read lists. However, a deeper spirituality comes by taking hard bites out of intentional and difficult development.

From April to June, we will engage in a conversation around Heretic: Rethinking Our Theological Assumptions. It is two simple questions, why do you believe what you believe, and how did you come to that particular understanding?

From June to August, we will enter into a conversation around Sufficient: a conversation about congestion and excess filled lives.

From August to October, we will engage in a conversation around Safe Church: Creating a Nurturing Community of Healing and Growth. We will wrestle through the great contradictions of the church, a community of both saints and sinners.

From October to December, we will enter into a conversation around I Am: a Study of the Self-Proclamations of Jesus of Nazareth. Why do Jesus’ claims about himself matter to our every day living?

Of course, we are always sensitive to things happening in the world and will always pause from a series to address these matters as a community of faith. However, I also think it is import to set out on an organized, discerned, and intentional track of spiritual development.

I look forward to growing and journeying with you. Grace and Peace, Andy