Harvest Festival 2015
If you’ve never ventured into the downtown area of Clayton on the third Saturday of September, then you’ve missed out on Clayton’s biggest event of the year. The Harvest and Music Festival combines local organizations, artists, and musicians in a half-mile stretch of Main Street on September 19. This year, Mosaic […]

Harvest Festival: September 19   Recently updated !

Relational ministry is the missional lifeblood of Mosaic. Affinity Groups have become one of the most effective outlets for this. But doing ministry like Affinity Groups takes great intentionality. It takes intentionality to make the groups missional by nature; looking beyond yourself and to the potential person you can engage […]

August Affinity Group Update

Outdoor Worship & Baptism
Mosaic has a strong tradition of holding Easter Sunday worship outside. We’d like to create a new tradition of holding a fall outdoor worship gathering as well. On September 20, weather permitting, we will gather for a worship experience in nature. In addition, we will also hold baptisms on this […]

September 20: Outdoor Worship & Baptism

Mosaic has excellent leaders that help cast and empower our vision of discipleship, community, worship, and ministry. Name Change to Elder Board One of the primary leadership teams of Mosaic is the elders board. To help better convey the purpose and initiatives of the elder board, we have made a shift […]

Leadership Updates

August 30 Fifth Sunday Missional Project
We are hot off the heels of a profound ministry initiative with the JoCo mission. So for this month’s fifth Sunday, the ministry team wanted to take an intentional twist to how we approach it. Relational ministry is a founding pillar of Mosaic and will be the central focus of […]

August 30 Fifth Sunday Missional Project

Affinity Groups
New Affinity Group Coordinator After serving for nearly a year and half as the affinity group coordinator, Vincent Lanzolla has stepped away. We are so thankful for his leadership and willingness to serve. In his place, Rachel Bagley has stepped in. We look forward to Rachel leading one of the […]

Affinity Groups Update: July