Affinity Groups
Did you know that, in addition to Community Groups, Mosaic also offers Affinity Groups?  Mosaic Affinity Groups are an exciting way to interact with others in our community.  Slightly different than Community Groups, Affinity Groups are based on common activities that we can enjoy together.  Some of our current groups […]

Affinity Groups Are a Big Deal   Recently updated !

Coffee and dessert…doesn’t your mouth just water over the sound of those two words together? If coffee isn’t your thing, maybe hot chocolate or some other beverage is. Whatever the case maybe, Mosaic will host an informal gathering on February 20, from 3-4:30pm, and we want you to come. Gatherings […]

Coffee and Dessert Gathering: Saturday, February 20

Mosaic has a rich history of continually discerning new opportunities to grow in discipleship, ministry, worship, and community. One particular facet we have earnestly prayed for is the development of deeper initiatives for our older kids and students. Over the last few months we have been working on a few […]

New Opportunities for Kids & Students

Next Step Logo
Discovering your God-given strengths might be a foreign concept, but it is an exciting process. Mosaic is dedicated to coach each member by not only discovering his or her strengths, but how to engage one’s strengths on a daily, church and kingdom level. Are you ready to use your strengths to […]

Participate in Next Step: January 31

What is this Community Group thing? I know some of us ask that question every time we talk to a guest, encourage participation in a community group, or that monthly reminder at the end of worship to get connected to a group if you aren’t already. The truth is, I […]

Community Groups Matter

5th Sunday Missional Project
Our next 5th Sunday is quickly approaching! We will be participating in two types of projects. The first will be providing simple home repairs for people in our community. The second will be a two-fold project collecting items for mothers who come to visit their children in foster care and […]

5th Sunday Missional Project: January 31