Survey for Relational & Marketing Improvements

Mosaic is trying to expand our connection in Clayton through some simple relational and marketing resources. We’d love to get your thoughtful input on what you’d be interested in getting to help promote our community. The following survey will take only a few minutes, but we ask that you carefully […]

April Ministry Update

Mosaic is a missional community. We desire to be the incarnational presence of Jesus in our community by meeting the needs arounds us.     Missional Opportunity on April 18 To be missional is to be the presence of Christ in your community. There is a wonderful opportunity to do […]

Ladies Weekend Away: May 28-30

Ladies, what could be better than a few days away with your feet in the warm sand and good community around you? That’s what the ladies of Mosaic and their guests are doing. The trip cost $30 per person (covers lodging, transportation, breakfasts, & a dinner), participants will only need […]