Sunday 10:30am

Due to Covid 19, we are meeting virtually every Sunday. Email Charity at for the zoom link to join us!


We gathering for worship Sunday mornings
at 10:30am. All all welcome for music,
fellowship, and learning.


Community is at the heart of who we are.
We believe in creating a place of
belonging for all ages.


Whether it’s a shared mean around table
or something fun in the community,
we love spending time together.

Easter Season

As much as we love being able to gather in person, we will be meeting online via Zoom during this season. If you would like to gather with us on Zoom please email Charity for the link or subscribe to our weekly email.

Believe it or not, we are still in the season of Easter. We are exploring what life looked like for the earliest followers of Jesus as they experienced his resurrection appearances. We will be in the upper room where Jesus appeared, walking down a dusty road, on the beach eating fish and then saying goodbye to the resurrected Christ to begin a new season of life and ministry.